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We're an eclectic group of running enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. We run year round. Gatorade stop. Pace groups. Don't run alone. Have fun!

Since 1999, the Glen Ellyn Runners Club is a fun, year-round club offering proven training programs, a diverse membership of 250+ runners, with experienced coaches and fun social opportunities. The runners club meets in Glen Ellyn, IL, a western suburb of Chicago. Training programs for all distances, paces, and ages are offered with running schedules staggered throughout the week. The diverse membership is made up of both young and senior runners.

No matter if you are a recreational or competitive runner, our members all share a love of running. The fun, dynamic group is rich in spirit and enjoys training together, supporting and encouraging each other to reach our fitness goals and break personal records.

So whether you want to have some fun, get in shape, or strive to set a personal record, then join us for a run and see if the Glen Ellyn Runners Club is a good fit for you. Join today and let’s run together!

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Running Programs

Different training programs to accomplish your goals.

Guests are Welcome

We extend an invitation for all guests to come out and give the Glen Ellyn Runners Club a try. Run with us a couple times to make sure the club is a good fit before joining.

Nanette Bauer | Membership Director

Membership Perks

Group Runs

Access to all Glen Ellyn Runner training programs.

Speed Training

Speed sessions led by experienced coaches

Membership Perks Gift

With your membership, you get a free gift.

Marathon Hospitality

Gain access to our room before and after the Chicago Marathon.

Member Testimonials

"I think you’ll find our club to be fun, with a great mix of runners with various backgrounds and of all ages."
“If you love running and having fun, then this is the group for you. We have runners going at all paces, so you always have someone to run with.”
“Being a part of the Glen Ellyn Runners Club has made my marathon training so much more fun, safer and easier. I've also made so many new friends along the way!”

Club News

Recent club news and events.