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In Memory of Gene Hammond

In Memory of Gene Hammond Griffin Hammond was very appreciative to GER for the Green Hoodie Sweatshirt. He expressed his

Congratulations to Don Kuntz

Don Kuntz of Einstein Bagels Retires Thank you for your support and kindness! Congratulations to Don Kuntz on his retirement

Running and Anxiety

Sunday’s run, August 28, 2022, was crazy—in many ways. Lots of interesting company. But around about 4.5 in Villa Park, while running with Nora, Molly, Longry, Jeannette, and the guys, it started raining. Correction: it was pouring!

Summer Training: Staying Hydrated

Today was a weirdly muggy run. It was cool but exceptionally humid. Nora said that the “dew point” was 66°–which according to Tom Skilling is miserable. Shout out to Todd for starting our run, to Francesca and Sherry for cheering us on and to…


How Your Body Adapts to Summer Heat

I always have trouble at the start of marathon training season. In June, there are many days while running on the IPP when it feels as though I am swimming through Jell-O. Now that it’s almost August, it feels easier, right? Well, my friend, the weather’s not the only component that’s changed: your body’s changed too. It’s adapted to the heat. How did it do that?