Training Programs

From marathon training to speedwork, we have programs for most skill levels. We are here to support you through your journey. For your convenience, below are our training schedules. Remember, before starting any fitness program, consult with your physician and read our disclaimers.

Marathon Training

We don’t want you talking about your “dream”; we want you talking about your “experience.”

Don’t Train Alone

Become part of a fine MARATHON TRAINING PROGRAM.  “Others” may talk about a great program, but we surely provide it. Our program follows the popular two build up weeks, followed by a cut back week. This proven method of training allows you to safely build your mileage base, thus decreasing your chance of injury. 

  • You will be taught to run more efficiently.
  • You will also learn the importance of proper pace and hydration. Our runners are knowledgeable, experienced and friendly.
  • We have multiple coaches to help you train. Others have been captains of the Nike Pacing Team at the Chicago Marathon. And others are members of Marathon Maniacs, Fifty States/Fifty Marathons, and Seven Continents.
  • Pace groups are offered and we have a NO DROP rule.  Which simply means NO ONE runner is ever left behind.
  • Every year we have 70 plus runners finish the Chicago Marathon. Many of our runners choose different Marathons and different states to run in.
  • Our Marathon Training Program includes mid-week training runs as well as Interval Training for all levels of runners.
  • It offers three levels of training: First Timer, Previous Marathoner, Personal Record. Gatorade is provided at ALL Sunday long runs, ALL Tuesday interval training sessions and ALL Thursday evening mid-week runs.
  • Massage students, provided by of SOHMAR are present after many Sunday long runs.
  • A pre/post “Hospitality Room” (capacity 75) is provided at the Congress Plaza the day of the Marathon, free of cost to all members.  Gear check, bathrooms, and shelter from the weather are there for you pre-race.  Refreshments and massage therapists are waiting post-race, along with your family reunite.


You must be a member of Glen Ellyn Runners to participate in this program.

Speed Training – Spring and Summer

April – September

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm, beginning in April and ending in September, Glen Ellyn Runners will hold Speed Training session tailored to help you peak for the fall racing season.

Speed training works both the aerobic and the anaerobic system. Sessions include precisely measured intervals that match the runners level of conditioning. Speed training will make the runner faster. More importantly, these workouts also helps prevent the injuries often associated with repetitive endurance exercise, and they allow you to increase your training intensity without over-training or burn-out.

Early in the program, speedwork participants will run a 1-mile time trial. The time trial will provide a performance measurement that will allow participants to determine their improvement over the season. Speed Training is coached by GER Members. Our coaches will give you specific instructions at the beginning of the workout. We have two different groups, based on runners goals.

Group A will follow our traditional training. Generally, workouts rotate each week from Tempo Runs the path to interval runs on the track to Hill repeats on the local streets.

Group B will be focused a little more on speed. You’ll see more Fartleks and Tempo Runs at a faster pace.